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NEW RECIPE! - Palm Nut Soup (Abenkwan)

Ingredients 1 can of palm nut cream (400 g can used for this quantity) Any meat or fish of your choice (can use chicken, smoked or fresh turkey, beef, red snapper, mackerel, tilapia, etc.) 2 large fresh tomatoes 2 large onions 3 garlic cloves piece of ginger fresh powder (can use powdered pepper if available) 1 can of tomato sauce (8 oz. used for recipe) 1 can geisha mackerel (5.5 oz. used for recipe) – optional Mushrooms (optional) Spices (adobo all seasoning, powdered pepper, salt, Maggi bouillon cube, etc.) Directions Step 1: In a large pot, thoroughly clean your cubed goat meat. Mince 1 large onion and add to goat meat Season goat meat with following spices, add 1 cup...

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